Our focused webinar, ‘Managing liver fluke in Hill Sheep – a farmer led approach’,  presented findings from a three-year project in which Cumbrian and Yorkshire Dales farmers worked with disease experts on a joint approach to tackle liver fluke disease. 

Working closely together, uplands farmers and disease experts have used a collaborative approach to design, implement and understand disease control programmes in a more meaningful and efficient way.
We can now share with you the  positive results from this project and how these learning could help your farm.
To view the webinar, please visit: YAS – Hill Sheep Health North (vimeo.com) 
To view the presentation, please click here: Managing liver fluke in Hill Sheep PowerPoint_final


With special thanks to our speakers:
  • Dr Amanda Carson, Vice Chair, Farmer Scientist Network
  • Kate Gascoyne, The Farmer Network
  • Dai Grove-White, University of Liverpool
  • Dr Bryony Jones, Royal Veterinary College
  • Carol Moffat, The Farmer Network